• Gloss Metallic Bubble Bags
    From NZD$2.24excl. VAT
    Available in 10 colours, 9 sizes
    Matt Metallic Bubble Bags
    From NZD$3.71excl. VAT
    Available in 15 colours, 9 sizes
    Kraft Paper Bubble Bags
    From NZD$1.71excl. VAT
    Available in 3 colours, 8 sizes
    Manilla Bubble Bags
    From NZD$0.49excl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 10 sizes
    Poly Gloss Bubble Bags
    From NZD$0.98excl. VAT
    Available in 5 colours, 3 sizes
    White Bubble Bags
    From NZD$0.48excl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 5 sizes
    Recyclable Poly Bubble Bags
    From NZD$5.27excl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 7 sizes
    Holographic Bubble Bags
    From NZD$3.18excl. VAT
    Available in 2 colours, 3 sizes
    530x130mm Manilla Padded Bag Peel & Seal
    From NZD$3.73excl. VAT
    Code GPNP

    Our bubble bags are a fantastic way to provide protection for delicate items in the post, while making a lasting impact on the recipient. Available in many different colours and sizes, these bubble bags are a great way to stand out from the crowd, whilst remaining cost effective. Manufactured with a peel & seal strip, our bubble mailers are easy to close, and the padded bubble lining ensures your products are shielded from bumps and scrapes whilst in transit.