• Seed Envelopes
    From NZD$0.24excl. VAT
    Available in 2 colours, 3 sizes
    220x220mm White Square Gummed 100gsm Opaque Envelopes
    From NZD$1.13excl. VAT
    Code 430
    From NZD$0.69excl. VAT
    Code C03C5
    From NZD$0.46excl. VAT
    Code C03C6B
    140x140mm White Square Gummed V Flap 120gsm Non-opaque Envelopes
    From NZD$0.49excl. VAT
    Code C03140
    350mm X 250mm Black Bubble Bag Peel & Seal
    From NZD$3.87excl. VAT
    Code CP350B
    130x130mm White Square Gummed V Flap 120gsm Wove Envelopes
    From NZD$0.38excl. VAT
    Code C03130
    170x170mm White Square Peel & Seal 120gsm Non-opaque Envelopes
    From NZD$0.65excl. VAT
    Code C03170PS
    114x162mm C6 White Wallet Peel & Seal 120gsm Non-opaque Envelopes
    From NZD$0.35excl. VAT
    Code C03C6PS
    230mm X 230mm Red Paper Bubble Bag Peel & Seal
    From NZD$2.89excl. VAT
    Code CP230R
    229x162x25 White Gusset Envelope Peel & Seal 120gsm Opaque
    From NZD$1.24excl. VAT
    Code GUS22916225W-120
    Salmon Pink 95 x 122mm Envelopes 120gsm
    From NZD$0.47excl. VAT
    Code GC95122SP
    85x85mm White Square Peel & Seal Plain 110gsm Envelopes
    From NZD$0.23excl. VAT
    Code SE85WP
    220x220mm White Square Peel & Seal 120gsm Non-opaque Envelopes
    From NZD$1.04excl. VAT
    Code C03220PS
    114x162 C6 Black Gold-lined Wallet Gummed 120gsm Envelopes
    From NZD$1.76excl. VAT
    Code TLC6G-B
    110x220 Baby Pink Pearlescent Peel & Seal 120 Gsm Envelopes
    From NZD$1.08excl. VAT
    Code PM40-28DL
    162x229mm C5 White Wallet V Flap Gummed Plain 130gsm Envelopes
    From NZD$0.80excl. VAT
    Code AS41C5
    Mid Yellow 220mm Square Peel and Seal Envelopes 120gsm
    From NZD$1.44excl. VAT
    Code LC220MY
    200x200mm White Square Peel & Seal 120gsm Non-opaque Envelopes
    From NZD$0.93excl. VAT
    Code C03200PS
    40x40mm White Square Gummed Plain 100gsm Wove Envelopes
    From NZD$0.18excl. VAT
    Code SE40WG
    114x162mm C6 Ivory Wallet V Flap P & S 110gsm Envelopes
    From NZD$0.71excl. VAT
    Code CEVC6I
    60x60mm White Square Gummed Plain 100gsm Wove Envelopes
    From NZD$0.18excl. VAT
    Code SE60WG
    220x110mm DL Black Pocket Peel & Seal 120gsm Envelopes
    From NZD$0.99excl. VAT
    Code AN37DLPPS
    80x80mm Black Square Peel & Seal 120gsm Envelopes
    From NZD$0.92excl. VAT
    Code AN3780PS
    C7 White Envelopes 120gsm
    From NZD$0.31excl. VAT
    Code C03C7
    133x184mm White Wallet Gummed Diamond Flap 120gsm  Envelopes
    From NZD$0.52excl. VAT
    Code C03133184
    95x122mm White Wallet Gummed V Flap 120gsm Envelopes
    From NZD$0.34excl. VAT
    Code C0395122
    C5 Gold Textured Peel & Seal Envelopes 120gsm
    From NZD$1.19excl. VAT
    Code CEBC5G
    165mm Square Holographic Gloss Foil Silver Metallic Padded Bubble Bags
    From NZD$2.02excl. VAT
    Code MB165SH-031
    155x155mm White Square Gummed V Flap 120gm Non-opaque Envelopes
    From NZD$0.55excl. VAT
    Code C03155
    60x60mm Manilla Square Gummed Plain 70gsm Wove Envelopes
    From NZD$0.19excl. VAT
    Code 131
    C6 Metallic Gold Envelopes 100gsm
    From NZD$1.06excl. VAT
    Code D04C6
     White, Laserjet/inkjet Multi Purpose, 99.1x67.7mm - 8up
    From NZD$0.99excl. VAT
    Code LAB8W
    String & Washer 324x229 Black Envelopes 180gsm
    From NZD$4.89excl. VAT
    Code SW324B
    C7 Metallic Silver Envelopes 100gsm
    From NZD$0.59excl. VAT
    Code E0582
    C5 Oyster Lustre Wove Envelopes 90gsm
    From NZD$1.91excl. VAT
    Code G07C5
    98x67mm Manilla Pocket Gummed 80gsm Envelopes
    From NZD$0.24excl. VAT
    Code POC9867M
    C4 White Gusset Peel and Seal Envelopes 140gsm
    From NZD$1.78excl. VAT
    Code 646
    85x85mm Dark Red Square Peel & Seal Plain 110gsm Envelopes
    From NZD$0.22excl. VAT
    Code SE85DRP
    162x229mm C5 White Wallet Peel & Seal 120gsm Non-opaque Envelopes
    From NZD$0.56excl. VAT
    Code C03C5PS

    Are you looking to send some sparkle through the letterbox with a bit of silver? Do you want to make a bold and sophisticated statement with a striking black envelope? Are you looking to go down the girly route with a princess perfect pink? Perhaps love is in the air and you want to share it with a romantic red? Whatever feel you are looking to emulate we can help you do so with our fantastic selection of coloured envelopes.

    At World of Envelopes we strive to guarantee that all of our customers have a smile on their faces. We have done this by offering a monumental selection of products. From various sizes, to different closures, to an array of textures; there is no possibility that is not covered here. And this is definitely reflected no better than by our coloured envelopes.

    You can use this to your advantage. Perhaps you simply want to choose your favourite colour, no problem! Or maybe you want to match the envelope to the colours featured in your company’s logo? That’s fine too! Or you may want to coincide your colour choice with the occasion, such as green for Christmas and red for Valentine’s Day – that’s not an issue either. We are here to provide you with anything you are looking for and we are confident that is exactly what we will do with our coloured envelopes.

    Nevertheless, if you cannot find the right colour for you then don’t panic. All you have to do is give us a ring and we will point you in the correct direction. Call World of Envelopes on +44 (0) 1628 810 999 and let one of our experts give you a hand.